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Junhyung - John Galliano, Givenchy
Damn expensive.
audiob2st wrote in style_b2st
This is so weird... In my last entry, I wrote out this whole thing about how my photobucket had exceeded its bandwidth. Well, once I posted that entry, all the photos showed up again @___@ What happened? Anyway, I'm happy that they're all(?) still up and running :D

I've been meaning to post this entry on Junhyung for a while now. It's a bit long, so I'm splitting it into two entries to make it easier on the eyes. Not your eyes - my eyes! I write the html in notepad, so the shorter the post, the less likely I am of messing things up ^^

John Galliano Gazette Stretch Fleece Sweatshirt in Brown $417USD [Available Here]
Wow. Galliano's Gazette print seems to be really popular with BEAST! This hoodie features the brand's signature Gazette print and is available in two colorways - white and brown. In addition to the black of the newspaper print, there are also vivid splashes of white and green.
Givenchy (Clown Print) T-shirt (SS'11) approx. $250 - 300USD [Availability Unknown]
I've ID'd Junhyung's clown t-shirt several times before, including in this entry. If you remember, Hyunseung wrote in his Yozm about how both he and Junhyung own this shirt. Well, this tee is significant again because I've noticed that Doojoon has been wearing it too ^^ I actually think that he's been wearing Hyunseung's shirt! When did Dooseung get so close? They're sharing clothes like sisters now XD

John Galliano Gazette print (button-up) shirt £380.00 [Available Here]
More of Galliano's Gazette print. This long-sleeved cotton shirt features that newspaper print design, a button-up front, and button-fastened cuffs. I really love the color scheme in this. It's a mixture of black, gray, white, and soft pink. So pretty *___*

Givenchy "Mask" T-shirt (SS'11) $??? [SOLD OUT]
Previously ID'd here and in another post where Junhyung sent out a twitpic of him, Hyunseung, and Doojoon checking out the venue for the Dream Concert. Forget the shirt for a moment and focus on Junhyung's hair D: It's so flat! lol. This fanpic was taken at one of BEAST's recent fansigns, so thankfully, Junhyung has his great lapper hair back again ^^

Givenchy Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt (SS'11) $510.20USD [SOLD OUT]
This item was previously identified here. Now that I think about it, this shirt has gotten a lot of play recently. In addition to wearing it to this fansign event, Junhyung wore it in the MV for Wheesung's "Words that Freeze My Heart" and M&D's "Close Ur Mouth" MV :D I'm still surprised that Junhyung is one of the Chocoballs. haha.

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I remember seeing the leopard print shirt again in M&D's MV and smiling because it suits him so perfectly in his silliness! I also love love love the Gazette print that Jun/Seung/Woon all wear, it's just the kind of print I adore and would wear myself. I particularly like the button-up on Junhyung, that style of shirt suits him perfectly and the colours are so soft, they go great with his skin and hair~ Thanks for all the IDs :)

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