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Style B2ST - A BEAST/B2ST Fashion Journal

Pre-debut to beyond!

Updates & FYI
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Junhyung - Louis Vuitton, Fad Three, Henrik Vibskov, John Galliano
Here's the second part of my Junhyung IDs :D Since I ID'd some of the things that Junhyung and Hyunseung were wearing at the airport on their way to Japan, I guess I should do another (complete) airport fashion post. The problem is that this time around, there seems to be very few fanpics of the boys at the airport...

Off the top of my head though, Dongwoon had on his Balmain t-shirt and a new backpack. Yoseob didn't appear to be wearing any Swagger shirts this time around 0___0 Gikwang was wearing his black/white polka dotted shirt which is probably by Comme des Garcons, and I sadly don't have any photos of Doojoon that aren't close-ups! lol. Maybe there will be some full-length fanpics when they return to Korea?

Louis Vuitton Keep It Bracelet (Rouge Fauviste) $225USD [Available through the Official Louis Vuitton Online Store]
[HUGE Thank you to "f921128" on FB for letting me know that this was a fan gift!] This was given to Junhyung by the lovely people over at yongjyunhyung.com. Made from patent leather, this bracelet comes in three different colorways and incorporates the leopard print created for Louis Vuitton by the artist Stephen Sprouse. FYI, this item is technically a womens bracelet (as defined by the company). Personally, I think its a million times better than the ones under the men's section of the online store. All the LV men's bracelets are plain black and rather lackluster. This colorful one is much cooler ^^ Junhyung has been wearing this a lot - I think throughout their Fiction promotions? Btw, Hongki tweeted about the Keep It Bracelet here. Both he and Junhyung have the exact same one. They're like super expensive BFF bracelets for idols! haha.

Fad Three "Flag" Cutsew (SS'11) ??? yen [Availability Unknown]
HUGE Thank you again to f921128 for directing me to a photo that ultimately helped me figure where this t-shirt came from ^^ This tee was a fangift from yongjyunhyung.com. I couldn't find a product shot of it, so I'm including the one of the button-up shirt to show you what some other pieces from this collection look like. It's by the Japanese brand, Fad Three, which is a collaborative effort by several people including Joe from Tokyo Dandy and Yuya Nara from Shima Hair. It looks like you can only buy their items in person and the only store that carries their brand is Adelaide in Tokyo. Since this store also carries brands like Givenchy, Balmain, and Balenciaga, I think this t-shirt is probably in the $80 and up range.
Fad Three "Wings?" Cutsew (SS'11) ??? yen [Availability Unknown]
This is another t-shirt from Fad Three's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Apparently, the designers went with a 1960's Haight Ashbury theme. For the most part, this brand's clothing is unisex. The product photo makes the shirt look a lot smaller than it probably is. I think it's an oversized shirt which is why it looks so big on Junhyung.

Henrik Vibskov "Flute" Hat (Grey) $152USD [Available Here in Black]
So Junseung fans... Is it a coincidence that both Junhyung and Hyunseung are wearing hats from the same Henrik Vibskov collection? I mean, if these were "normal" hats, I probably wouldn't mention it, but Junhyung's "Flute" hat is just as eye-catching as Hyunseung's "Pandemonium" hat which I ID'd back in this post ^^ Anyway, this hat is made of black wool. Junhyung is wearing the grey version, but I can't find a buylink for it, so here's the black version for reference. It's just a matter of time before we see Dongwoon wearing a hat from this collection too ^^

John Galliano Gazette Bag in Black (SS'11) approx. $425USD [Availability Unknown]
Junhyung must carry around a lot of stuff. Check out the size of his Galliano bag! Does it qualify as carry-on or did he have to check it in?? Anyway, it would appear that Junhyung and Hyunseung are competing against each other in a bid to see who owns the most John Galliano pieces in their wardrobe. haha. This bag features the signature Gazette print with white text on black canvas. The handles are bright yellow with "John Galliano" printed in pink. I'm fairly certain that Junhyung's t-shirt is also by Galliano, but I'm still looking for a product shot to confirm and I'm on the look-out for his cardigan too. It looks really familiar...

Junhyung - John Galliano, Givenchy
Damn expensive.
This is so weird... In my last entry, I wrote out this whole thing about how my photobucket had exceeded its bandwidth. Well, once I posted that entry, all the photos showed up again @___@ What happened? Anyway, I'm happy that they're all(?) still up and running :D

I've been meaning to post this entry on Junhyung for a while now. It's a bit long, so I'm splitting it into two entries to make it easier on the eyes. Not your eyes - my eyes! I write the html in notepad, so the shorter the post, the less likely I am of messing things up ^^

John Galliano Gazette Stretch Fleece Sweatshirt in Brown $417USD [Available Here]
Wow. Galliano's Gazette print seems to be really popular with BEAST! This hoodie features the brand's signature Gazette print and is available in two colorways - white and brown. In addition to the black of the newspaper print, there are also vivid splashes of white and green.
Givenchy (Clown Print) T-shirt (SS'11) approx. $250 - 300USD [Availability Unknown]
I've ID'd Junhyung's clown t-shirt several times before, including in this entry. If you remember, Hyunseung wrote in his Yozm about how both he and Junhyung own this shirt. Well, this tee is significant again because I've noticed that Doojoon has been wearing it too ^^ I actually think that he's been wearing Hyunseung's shirt! When did Dooseung get so close? They're sharing clothes like sisters now XD

John Galliano Gazette print (button-up) shirt £380.00 [Available Here]
More of Galliano's Gazette print. This long-sleeved cotton shirt features that newspaper print design, a button-up front, and button-fastened cuffs. I really love the color scheme in this. It's a mixture of black, gray, white, and soft pink. So pretty *___*

Givenchy "Mask" T-shirt (SS'11) $??? [SOLD OUT]
Previously ID'd here and in another post where Junhyung sent out a twitpic of him, Hyunseung, and Doojoon checking out the venue for the Dream Concert. Forget the shirt for a moment and focus on Junhyung's hair D: It's so flat! lol. This fanpic was taken at one of BEAST's recent fansigns, so thankfully, Junhyung has his great lapper hair back again ^^

Givenchy Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt (SS'11) $510.20USD [SOLD OUT]
This item was previously identified here. Now that I think about it, this shirt has gotten a lot of play recently. In addition to wearing it to this fansign event, Junhyung wore it in the MV for Wheesung's "Words that Freeze My Heart" and M&D's "Close Ur Mouth" MV :D I'm still surprised that Junhyung is one of the Chocoballs. haha.

Hyunseung - John Galliano, Phenomenon x MCM, T.U.K.
Hyunseung is expensive.
Hi, everyone! I still need to post that entry on Junhyung, but before I do that, I have to ID some Hyunseung items!

My boy tweeted some selcas recently and I would be amiss if I didn't create a post about them ^^ Also, I can't believe I didn't ID the creepers he was wearing in my last few posts! Since the boys are in Japan to promote Bad Girl and will be embarking on that Asian tour soon, I figure I'll be doing more airport fashion posts in the future. Actually, I'm really behind on my posts. My next edition of "Do the members of B2ST share their clothes" should have been done by now... Hopefully, I can get to it soon!

John Galliano "I Heart Charlie" T-shirt in White (Spring 2011) $274USD [Available Here]
I love that Hyunseung tweeted this photo in english XD As for what he loves...he's either referring to the shirt or he means the creepers, or maybe he's just talking about life in general :D Hell, who wouldn't LOVE to lead Hyunseung's life! Btw, I'm fairly certain that the "Charlie" in "I Heart Charlie" is in reference to the late great Charlie Chaplin. Not Charlie Brown and definitely not Charlie Sheen! Charlie Chaplin was actually the inspiration behind Galliano's Spring 2011 Menswear collection ^^

MCM by Phenomenon Leopard T-shirt 44,000 yen [Availability Unknown]
Earlier this year, Phenomenon released a series of items from a collaboration they did with bag maker, MCM. The collection consists of wallets, iPhone cases, bracelets, belts, backpacks/bags, and some clothing items including this t-shirt which costs over $440 retail! The entire collection has a leopard print and metallic theme. I believe these items are only available in brick and mortar stores. Phenomenon also recently collaborated with MCM again on a new Spring/Summer 2011 collection, only this time the theme mixes metal with tribal prints. Chances are Hyunseung or Junhyung will be wearing something from that collection as well ^^
T.U.K. Shoes - Creepers (Model: C2029) $100USD [Available Here]
This is technically a Tentative ID. It's tentative because I know of four different shoe companies that produce creepers like these. From the fanpics I've seen however, it looks like Hyunseung's creepers are the C2029 model by TUK. The design of the leather uppers, and the height and texture of the soles seem to match the C2029. Man, I never expected anyone in BEAST to wear creepers! What's next? Rocking horse shoes?? I can only hope... *____*

John Galliano "Rip It" Jersey Tank Top in Grey (Spring 2011) $186USD [Available Here]
If this print looks familiar, that's because Hyunseung has the t-shirt version too. I ID'd it over in this post. Would he really buy a t-shirt and a tank top with the exact same print on it? O___o Probably not. I'm betting this was either a fan gift or it's something that one of their stylists gave him to wear. Almost $200 for a tank top... My wallet is weeping at the thought! I wish I had a better shot of that bag he's holding too. I think it's new *____*

John Galliano Multicolor Voyeur V-neck (Spring 2011) $319USD [SOLD OUT]
This ID has been sitting in one of my folders for months now... I probably should have posted it sooner, but I forgot I even had it ^^; When I saw Hyunseung wearing this shirt again in that photo above, it jogged my memory. Btw, I cropped the other boys out of that photo on the left. No idea where or when it was taken. I got it off bestiz, but since Hyunseung is holding a cake, maybe it's was taken to commemorate their triple crown? Is it a Daily BEAST photo? Oh! I forgot to mention that Hyunseung first wore this back in Ep. 11 of Idol Maid. Yes, the infamous "Let's Speak English" episode XD This is actually a semi-risque shirt when you really look at it... It protrays a woman wearing sexy lingerie being peeped on through a keyhole! Man, that English teacher should have asked Hyunseung to explain his t-shirt in English. lolol.

Doojoon, Gikwang, Dongwoon, Yoseob - Err-or, Givenchy, Swagger
Hyunseob is real.
Triple crowns on all three major music programs *____* Also, when you consider that they've been the last group to perform on Music Core too (going on last equates to being first in the polls!), then they're #1 on that show as well. I'm so proud of BEAST and I admire the fans (both in Korea and Internationally) for everything they've done to keep Fiction at the top of the charts!

Anyway, about this entry...I wanted to make one where I ID'd what the boys were wearing at their last two fansigns (Times Square on 6/5/11 and Clride.n on 6/8/11). A few items were already ID'd in previous posts, but I'm putting them together under one entry anyway. Since I posted what Hyunseung wore in my last post, he's not going to be in this one and I'm making a separate post for Junhyung too ^^ I was (finally) able to ID a few Junhyung items that were a huge pain in the ass to find. Please expect that entry to go live soon (maybe later today?).

Thank you all again for continuing to visit ^▽^

Err-or #sn 25 T-Shirt 490.00 Baht [Available Here]
Err-or is a Thai clothing brand. Looking over their inventory, they seem to focus on street wear and currently carry t-shirts and messengers bags in their online store. The graphic on this particular shirt features a woman with a guitar that looks like its sticking out of her head with the words "Do You Still Believe" printed underneath. I bet this was a gift ^^ Probably from a Thai fan? Anyway, I hope the fan got to see the fanpics from the Times Square fansign event. He or she probably freaked out! :D

Givenchy T-shirt (Black) (SS'11) approx. $400USD [Availability Unknown]
Gikwang's shirt features a gothic-looking cross with the Spanish phrase "El Dolor Pasa La Dignidad Perdura" superimposed over it. I'm not sure, but I think that translates to "Pain Passes, but Dignity Lasts," or "Pain is fleeting, while dignity endures." Something along those lines ^^;

Swagger "Apple Ball" T-shirt (SS'08) 6090 yen [SOLD OUT]
Gikwang wore this a while back... I think it was when the boys were on Taeyeon's Chin Chin radio show. I ID'd it back in this post. As you can see, it's an apple ball ^^ Well, a basketball shaped like an apple. I think the tee came in two colorways - the yellow one that Gikwang is wearing and the red version you see in the product photo. Nice to see him bring back an old classic :D Sure, this shirt is from a few seasons ago, but it's hard to find. Swagger produces limited quantities of their items and they don't seem to re-issue shirts, so this particular tee is rare and probably worth more money now.

Givenchy Logo Printed Jersey T-Shirt in Black (AW'12?) $247USD [Preorder Here]
This shirt features Givenchy's iconic logo with comic-styled stars, skulls, and crosses in them.

Givenchy Unicorn print T-shirt around $240USD and above [Availability Unknown]
I ID'd this t-shirt a few posts back, here. Dongwoon wore it when the boys were on that Star Guerilla Date segment a few weeks back. It features an awesome print of twin unicorns. I love that there are unicorns in my B2ST fandom XD

Swagger "LTD" Tee 6,090 yen [Available Here]
I ID'd this t-shirt earlier, here. Yoseob has been wearing this a lot. He wore it to Japan, at the mini fanmeet, and now at this fansign. Since he has a lot of Swagger tees, I wonder if this particular shirt is his favorite or if he's just wearing it all the time because it's at the top of his laundry pile ^^ His other SWG shirts are probably buried somewhere at the bottom. lol.

Swagger "Swagger" Tee (Black) 6,090 yen [SOLD OUT]
I don't have a whole lot to say about this shirt, other than the "G" and "R" in "Swagger" are backwards. This tee came in two different colorways - the yellow text on black background that you see here and a white text on heather gray version.

Hyunseung - Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy &...Converse? XD
Damn expensive.
The boys have been really busy the last few days. In between all the fansign events and such, they had time to fly to Japan and come back! BEAST at an airport usually results in me putting together an airport fashion post, but I'm still looking up some of the stuff that they wore when they came back from Osaka. For the time being, I'm going to make a few individual and small group posts.

I don't think this will come as a shock to anyone, but my favorite B2ST fashionista is my boy, Hyunseung, so this quick entry is on him :D

Vivienne Westwood MAN "Invites" Print T-Shirt £209.00 [Available Here]
Hyunseung wore this amazing shirt to BEAST's Times Square fansigning event. It's a multicolor t-shirt with a navy colored collar. The print on the shirt features a crazy collage of vibrant photos intermixed with random text like "Art Lover." I wonder if this was a fangift? The reason why I ask is because there's a big print of a naked girl on the right shoulder of the tee. lol. Well, actually, just her backside appears to be naked... This leads me to wonder if fans send the boys "inappropriate" gifts like t-shirts that have curse words on them or risque prints of topless/bikini-clad women. I bet they do. XD

Givenchy "Face" t–shirt in White (FW'12) £185.00 [Available Here]
When I first saw this airport photo, I thought Hyunseung was just wearing a plain white top. If you look closely though, you can make out what looks like a face or a mask. I couldn't find a product photo of the white version of this tee, so I hope that the black one will suffice. The print is the same as the one on Junhyung's Givenchy "Mask" tee. I'm on the lookout for Hyunseung's skirted pants/shorts and that purple hat too ^^ Hopefully, I'll find them - especially those pants!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops (Red) $46USD [Available Here]
[Thanks to vennarashii for bringing up these shoes ^^] Sometimes I forget that besides the studded Louboutins, the Balenciagas, the Pierre Hardy's and the Lanvins, Hyunseung actually owns an affordable pair of shoes! Next to those $500+ sneakers is this classic pair of red Chucks :D The buylink above is to Converse's online shop, but these shoes are available worldwide at varying prices and in a ton of different colors. Hard to imagine that this shoe design has been around since 1917 and that it's still cool and trendy even after all this time!