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Style B2ST - A BEAST/B2ST Fashion Journal

Pre-debut to beyond!

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Hyunseung - Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy &...Converse? XD
Damn expensive.
audiob2st wrote in style_b2st
The boys have been really busy the last few days. In between all the fansign events and such, they had time to fly to Japan and come back! BEAST at an airport usually results in me putting together an airport fashion post, but I'm still looking up some of the stuff that they wore when they came back from Osaka. For the time being, I'm going to make a few individual and small group posts.

I don't think this will come as a shock to anyone, but my favorite B2ST fashionista is my boy, Hyunseung, so this quick entry is on him :D

Vivienne Westwood MAN "Invites" Print T-Shirt £209.00 [Available Here]
Hyunseung wore this amazing shirt to BEAST's Times Square fansigning event. It's a multicolor t-shirt with a navy colored collar. The print on the shirt features a crazy collage of vibrant photos intermixed with random text like "Art Lover." I wonder if this was a fangift? The reason why I ask is because there's a big print of a naked girl on the right shoulder of the tee. lol. Well, actually, just her backside appears to be naked... This leads me to wonder if fans send the boys "inappropriate" gifts like t-shirts that have curse words on them or risque prints of topless/bikini-clad women. I bet they do. XD

Givenchy "Face" t–shirt in White (FW'12) £185.00 [Available Here]
When I first saw this airport photo, I thought Hyunseung was just wearing a plain white top. If you look closely though, you can make out what looks like a face or a mask. I couldn't find a product photo of the white version of this tee, so I hope that the black one will suffice. The print is the same as the one on Junhyung's Givenchy "Mask" tee. I'm on the lookout for Hyunseung's skirted pants/shorts and that purple hat too ^^ Hopefully, I'll find them - especially those pants!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops (Red) $46USD [Available Here]
[Thanks to vennarashii for bringing up these shoes ^^] Sometimes I forget that besides the studded Louboutins, the Balenciagas, the Pierre Hardy's and the Lanvins, Hyunseung actually owns an affordable pair of shoes! Next to those $500+ sneakers is this classic pair of red Chucks :D The buylink above is to Converse's online shop, but these shoes are available worldwide at varying prices and in a ton of different colors. Hard to imagine that this shoe design has been around since 1917 and that it's still cool and trendy even after all this time!

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I actually spotted this post while browsing Hyunseung's tumblr tag and got all excited about all the clothes-spotting before realizing that of course this was you!

I love love love the first outfit on Hyunseung, from that amazing T-shirt to his shoes, it all co-ordinates amazingly with his hair :D The colours of the outfit with the purple hat are amazing too, I think Hyunseung actually replied to some fan tweets asking him about that outfit... his answers are pretty funny as per usual with him, haha.

Thanks for the IDs as always! I've been avoiding Converse for the longest time but Hyunseung rocks them so well here that I'm suddenly considering a certain hi-top red pair... ;)

I love the 2nd outfits of Hyunseung. The pants and the hat are absolutely cute. Really want those! xD
thanks for all the infos xD

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