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Style B2ST - A BEAST/B2ST Fashion Journal

Pre-debut to beyond!

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Doojoon, Gikwang, Dongwoon, Yoseob - Err-or, Givenchy, Swagger
Hyunseob is real.
audiob2st wrote in style_b2st
Triple crowns on all three major music programs *____* Also, when you consider that they've been the last group to perform on Music Core too (going on last equates to being first in the polls!), then they're #1 on that show as well. I'm so proud of BEAST and I admire the fans (both in Korea and Internationally) for everything they've done to keep Fiction at the top of the charts!

Anyway, about this entry...I wanted to make one where I ID'd what the boys were wearing at their last two fansigns (Times Square on 6/5/11 and Clride.n on 6/8/11). A few items were already ID'd in previous posts, but I'm putting them together under one entry anyway. Since I posted what Hyunseung wore in my last post, he's not going to be in this one and I'm making a separate post for Junhyung too ^^ I was (finally) able to ID a few Junhyung items that were a huge pain in the ass to find. Please expect that entry to go live soon (maybe later today?).

Thank you all again for continuing to visit ^▽^

Err-or #sn 25 T-Shirt 490.00 Baht [Available Here]
Err-or is a Thai clothing brand. Looking over their inventory, they seem to focus on street wear and currently carry t-shirts and messengers bags in their online store. The graphic on this particular shirt features a woman with a guitar that looks like its sticking out of her head with the words "Do You Still Believe" printed underneath. I bet this was a gift ^^ Probably from a Thai fan? Anyway, I hope the fan got to see the fanpics from the Times Square fansign event. He or she probably freaked out! :D

Givenchy T-shirt (Black) (SS'11) approx. $400USD [Availability Unknown]
Gikwang's shirt features a gothic-looking cross with the Spanish phrase "El Dolor Pasa La Dignidad Perdura" superimposed over it. I'm not sure, but I think that translates to "Pain Passes, but Dignity Lasts," or "Pain is fleeting, while dignity endures." Something along those lines ^^;

Swagger "Apple Ball" T-shirt (SS'08) 6090 yen [SOLD OUT]
Gikwang wore this a while back... I think it was when the boys were on Taeyeon's Chin Chin radio show. I ID'd it back in this post. As you can see, it's an apple ball ^^ Well, a basketball shaped like an apple. I think the tee came in two colorways - the yellow one that Gikwang is wearing and the red version you see in the product photo. Nice to see him bring back an old classic :D Sure, this shirt is from a few seasons ago, but it's hard to find. Swagger produces limited quantities of their items and they don't seem to re-issue shirts, so this particular tee is rare and probably worth more money now.

Givenchy Logo Printed Jersey T-Shirt in Black (AW'12?) $247USD [Preorder Here]
This shirt features Givenchy's iconic logo with comic-styled stars, skulls, and crosses in them.

Givenchy Unicorn print T-shirt around $240USD and above [Availability Unknown]
I ID'd this t-shirt a few posts back, here. Dongwoon wore it when the boys were on that Star Guerilla Date segment a few weeks back. It features an awesome print of twin unicorns. I love that there are unicorns in my B2ST fandom XD

Swagger "LTD" Tee 6,090 yen [Available Here]
I ID'd this t-shirt earlier, here. Yoseob has been wearing this a lot. He wore it to Japan, at the mini fanmeet, and now at this fansign. Since he has a lot of Swagger tees, I wonder if this particular shirt is his favorite or if he's just wearing it all the time because it's at the top of his laundry pile ^^ His other SWG shirts are probably buried somewhere at the bottom. lol.

Swagger "Swagger" Tee (Black) 6,090 yen [SOLD OUT]
I don't have a whole lot to say about this shirt, other than the "G" and "R" in "Swagger" are backwards. This tee came in two different colorways - the yellow text on black background that you see here and a white text on heather gray version.

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I thought I'd already commented on this! Just to say thanks for the IDs, and I love the individual ways they all dress, it makes me smile to see Dongwoon wearing Givenchy tees hehe. Also surprised to see that Doojoon's tee is pretty affordable!

OMG the photobucket bandwith exceeding is at it again! LOL!

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