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A fashion journal that follows the South Korean idol group, BEAST / B2ST.
Style B2ST is a fashion journal that follows the insanely talented male idol group, BEAST (aka B2ST).

I decided to name this journal, style_b2st because it reminded me of the popular fashion website, hypebeast. Also, the word "fashion" is too long to type out. I thought "style" sounded better :D

This journal is updated on a rolling basis, so there isn't a fixed schedule. I don't post one ID at a time, instead, I opt to share several IDs all at once to spare your friends page.
Images used in this journal do not belong to me. In some cases, I crop them to fit into the layout, but I do try to keep the watermarks intact if possible. If you see your image posted here and want it removed, please let me know.
I try to provide buy links when I can, but they're not a huge priority for me. I won't be backtracking to delete old links, so do keep in mind that many of them will/have expired. Always do your own research before you buy from any store. When it comes to your money, don't mess around.
When I do post buy links, I try to provide a link to a legitimate site. I don't get referral points or anything by providing these links. Since I'm based in the US, I usually post US-based buy links. If an item is only available in Korea or Japan, I post those links as well for reference. If you must have an item, I recommend looking for a shopping service to purchase your item for you because some stores will not ship internationally.
I spend more time trying to correctly ID an item by brand/designer. In addition to the season/collection it came out in, I try to provide the proper title for each item. I think this is important because even if an item is sold out, you can still find it months or years from now, as long as you know what brand it is and what the style/design was called.
Please DO NOT HOTLINK to the images in my photobucket. If I go over my allotted limit, I will not be re-uploading everything.
Feel free to use this info ^^ Identifying all these items, finding photos and editing them, compiling buy links, etc. is time consuming and can be frustrating at times, so credit or a link back to this journal would be great!
I don't put any of the entries under LJ cuts unless they're really, really long. Please keep that in mind before you join. lol.
If you spot any mistakes, please let me know. If I misidentified anything, set me straight.
New visitors, please check out the first ID post in the journal. I call it the ☆ Style_B2ST MONSTER POST ☆! It started this entire project and has over 40 or so brands identified in it.

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I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you!!